Milk Refrigerator

Milk Refrigerator

Product Name Milk Refrigerator Product Advantage 1. The original imported compressor, smart control, accurately keep the fresh, large insulating perspective glass, aluminum alloy edging in the toughened glass door refrigerated or frozen optional. Laminate shelf is 350/400 2. Famous Brand...

Product Details

Product Name

Milk Refrigerator

Product Advantage

1.       The original imported compressor, smart control, accurately keep the fresh, large insulating perspective glass, aluminum alloy edging in the toughened glass door refrigerated or frozen optional. Laminate shelf is 350/400

2.       Famous Brand integrated refrigeration unit

3.       Beautiful appearance and highly transparent presentation bring  perfect food display, High-performance evaporator design, efficient fan, Combined at random to create a flexible store design, Front push and pull glass door

4.       Smart digital control bring accurate preservation, all-round refrigerated bring delivery temperature uniformity, cooling fast, multi-layer shelf free combination, the maximum adjustment angle of 16 °, to meet the different display effect

5.       Adopt energy-efficient LED light source, pre-coating inner bottom plate, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, fin forced air-cooled refrigeration, more fully and average refrigeration

6.       The fin forced air-cooled, refrigeration is more fully and completely. adopt a new electronic thermostat to accurately control the temperature, Refrigeration design margin is greater than 30% for more different working environment. Laminate shelf is 350/400

7.       Transparent and beautiful curved glass, stylish and generous appearance, strong display effect, professional LED light source, Germany EBM fan, waterproof switch, touch pad

Product Photo


Mode    No.

XC-2000F                (Integrated Type)

Combined Type(Customized)

External dimensions



Internal dimensions

Temperature   Range



Power  (W)



Protection against   electric shock



climate type

Total input power

Effective volume

Power Consumption

Net   Weight

Gross   Weight



Refrigeration unit

Fan motor



Inner   Tank




Galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet

Product main feature

3C, CE certification, Innovative Design, luxurious appearance. thick stainless steel, brand compressors, copper tube cooling, polyurethane foam layer, bacteriostatic inner tank, commercial use and large capacity, intelligent temperature control, large bearing capacity, Large-capacity, high quality compressor, thick foam layer, antibacterial internal tank, no fluorine, high-efficiency refrigeration

1.       CFC and HCFC free, Environmentally-friendly.

2.       High quality brand compressors and condensing & evaporate coil, quiet, low noise.

3.       Automated frost and condensate evaporation design.

4.       Bottom drain hole, remove excess moisture.

5.       Thick non-magnetic stainless steel panel, wear resistant.

6.       Stainless steel edging, side plate condensate reverse design.

7.       PVC door seal, skid-proof, adjustable shelf.

8.       High-density foamed product housingthickening foam layer.

9.       Advanced foaming technology, refrigeration internal circulation.

10.   Integral foam: polyurethane foam low temperature layer

11.   Thick frame load-bearing, anti-leakage system, bid farewell to leaking troubles

12.   Antibacterial aluminum internal tank: inhibit bacterial growth, easy to clean,

13.   Smart and microcomputer thermostat, smart digital display.

14.   Stable and accurate internal temperature

15.   Pure Copper Tube Cooling: High-quality copper tubes are densely distributed, with no temperature deviation

16.   Efficient LED light design to ensure the interior brighter,

17.   360 degree universal wheel, easy to move.

18.   Customized and color optional, OEM acceptable.

“Snow Village” commercial refrigeration equipment cover

I.                   Refrigeration equipment products for kitchen and hotel

II.                Refrigeration equipment products for large supermarket cold chain

III.             Refrigeration equipment products for food fresh and display

IV.             Refrigeration equipment products for cake fresh and display

V.                Refrigeration equipment products for medicine storage and display

VI.               Cold room’s design, manufacture and installation.


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