Deli Display Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series Commercial Refrigerator Cooked food refrigerated case Product Name: deli display refrigerator Model No: DL-1.5 Applicable place: supermarket, commercial center, restaurant, bar, café bar, convenience store. Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province,...

Product Details

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series

Commercial Refrigerator

Cooked food refrigerated case

Product Name: deli display refrigerator

Model No: DL-1.5

Applicable place: supermarket, commercial center, restaurant, bar, café bar, convenience store.

Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China

Brand Name: Snow Village

Style: single temperature, front sliding glass door, 100% steel and copper, fresh

Standard Features:

1.CFC and HCFC free, environmentally-friendly.

2.Temperature inside is stable and accurate with microcomputer thermostat.

3.Interior LED light to ensure the interior brighter.

4.Mounted famous performance compressor and evaporator, stable and low noise.

5.Customized and color optional, OEM acceptable,

6.First class quality components, two years warranty for all parts.



Product Name

Model No

Volume (L)

Power Supply (W)

Temperature Range ℃

Dimension (LxWxH) mm




deli display refrigerator








Package and Delivery Details:

Packaging Details: suitable for sea freight strong wooden case

Delivery Time: 14-21 days

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Product advantages

High efficiency compressors and improved coil design

Electronic commutated motors

Variable speed fan

Improved fan blade design

Anti sweat heaters

Improved insulation and gasket

Uniform cabinet temperatures

Reduced heat output from more efficient compressor system and fan motors

Extend product lifetime.

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Certification of Company and Products:

Snow Village had passed through"ISO9001 international quality system certification and "ISO14001 environmental management system certification", Snow Village’s products have passed through Chinese government compulsory 3C certification and CE certification etc.


Package and shipping


Applicable place:

Commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center,





Full Three Year Parts & Labor Warranty, plus an Extra Two Year Warranty on Compressors

Full Three Years Parts & Labor Warranty

When you purchase a snow village Commercial product from us, we provide a 36 month comprehensive warranty for parts and labor under normal, proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up, in accordance with the snow village Commercial User Guide.

Our warranty begins the day the item is shipped and the warranty lasts for 36 months. It is limited to parts and replacement and will include standard labor charges and reasonable travel time to your establishment, as determined by snow village Commercial.

Additional 24 Month Compressor Warranty

In addition to the full 36 month parts and labor warranty, we provide an additional 24 month warranty on your snow village Commercial original compressor under normal and proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up.

This part of the warranty covers your Compressor for a total of 60 months from the day of shipping.  At our option, your compressor can be either repaired or replaced with parts of a similar design and capacity. This 24 month extended warranty applies only to the compressor and does not apply to any other parts or components.

Please note: the Compressor Warranty will not be valid if you do not maintain and service your unit in accordance with the Cold Tech Commercial User Guide. For example the lubricant must be replaced over a period of time. If it is not replaced then the warranty will be voided. (If you' re unsure when it should be replaced please contact us directly or go online to read the user guide by model.)

How to Claim Your Warranty

All claims for labor and/or parts must be made directly through snow village Commercial before starting any work. The warranty must be performed by an Authorized Service Center. You must provide us with: the model number of the unit, the serial number of the cabinet, proof of purchase, the installation date, and all pertinent information supporting the existence of an alleged defect. In the case of warranty compressor, the compressor model tag must be returned to snow village Commercial along with above listed information.

Cooperative customers




Common malfunction issues & commercial refrigerator problems

1.Beverages freezing due to cold temperature below 32 degrees

2.Refrigerator/freezer “not cold enough”

3.Refrigeration “not cooling at all” Blowing warm air while compressor is running is due to defective compressor or sealed system refrigerant leak

4.Compressor shutting off due to excessive condenser dirt obstructing air flow

5.Fan motor defective causing the compressor to overheat

6.Evaporator fan motor failure

7.Ice build up in evaporator due to low refrigeration levels preventing thermostat from cycling off

8.Frozen evaporator coils due to dirt

9.Frozen  refer. evaporator coils due to defrost system malfunction (Note: This depends on make Some true refrigerators do not have defrost heaters since thermostat is designed to allow defrosting of evaporator coils)

10.Commercial refrigeration unit door did not seal properly causing moisture to freeze

11.If there is an ice build up in freezer but defrost system appears to function properly: Turn off unit and allow thorough defrost before turning unit back on (see if problem returns)

12.Defective thermostat may also cause coils to freeze in evaporator

13.dirty evaporator, defective evaporator motor, leaving door open too long also can cause evaporator to freeze. NOTE: Many customers are surprised to learn that frozen coils could be the source of cooling problem. Frozen or obstructed evaporator (or condenser) coils prevent heat exchange and block the refrigeration cycle!

14.When unit is not cooling well if fans are both working, it is a good idea to make sure condenser and evaporator coils are not dirty and obstructed

15.Dirty evaporator coil as source of obstruction of air flow and subsequent freezing of coils – is not very frequent in our experience: but more likely in a commercial establishment than in a private home

16.Frozen coils: 16 As noted above: True refrigeration typically do not have a defrost heater. The thermostat might be the source of problem (or low refrigerant charge) Allow unit evaporator to thaw completely before restarting unit if you determined that thermostat was defective and it was replaced (or defrost problem was solved)

17.typically  compressor

18.Free Technical support is sometimes available through commercial refrigeration manufacturer. Customers have reported that when they called tech support and stated that they were not professional techs: The tech support represented stated that they are prevented from providing support to home owners/non  techs

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