Commercial Workbench Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series Commercial Refrigerator kitchen refrigerator Product Name: commercial workbench refrigerator Model No: PLO.25L2C Applicable place: supermarket, commercial center, restaurant, bar, café bar, convenience store. Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang...

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Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series

Commercial Refrigerator

kitchen refrigerator

Product Name: commercial workbench refrigerator

Model No: PLO.25L2C

Applicable place: supermarket, commercial center, restaurant, bar, café bar, convenience store.

Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China

Brand Name: Snow Village

Style: Single temperature, two stainless steel foam door, 100% steel and copper, fresh 

Certification: 3C, CE

Standard Features:

1.Streamlined design, luxurious appearance. Steel exterior and aluminum interior construction for long lasting durability..

2.Fan forced evaporator cooling, self evaporating drainage.

3.Auto defrost, insulation , CFC and HCFC free, environmentally-friendly, and coated with polyurethane foam for efficient insulation.

4.Temperature inside is stable and accurate with microcomputer thermostat.

5.Perfect sealing design locks the cold air inside and no leakage.

6.Interior LED light to ensure the interior brighter.

7.Mounted famous performance compressor and evaporator, stable and low noise.

8.Exterior/interior stainless steel construction, automatic defrost.

9.Customized and color optional, OEM acceptable, s

10.Stainless steel sandwich workbench, counter refrigerator, sandwich refrigerator bench

11.Suitable for restaurant and kitchen to store food and cut vegetable.

12.Directly cooling or ventilated cooling, temperature is more even inside.



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commercial workbench refrigerator







Management System: ERP, 6S and JIT


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Commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center,



Keeping your commercial refrigeration system continuously operating is a high priority for you and your customers. Commercial refrigerator and freezer must be kept in prime condition in order to ensure food is safe for consumption, prevent food spoilage and maintain consumer satisfaction. A well maintained cooler also helps reduce energy costs and lessen environmental impact.

Snow Village’s technical assistance branch provides technical assistance, technician training & troubleshooting for our customers and a comprehensive warranty program through our service contractor network throughout our distribution market. Please contact our local after sales team.

Our warranty policy is designed to protect our customers against any manufacturing defects in components and issues that result from the manufacturing process.

Units will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer, provided units are operated and installed under the specific usage conditions designed for each model as outlined by Snow Village User Manuals.

Our warranty includes parts, standard ground freight and labor performed at time of service. It also includes supplemental materials such as refrigerant gas, filter drier, welding, etc.

● Whole Cooler: 2 year warranty

● Compressor: 3 year warranty (First 2 years – labor & parts. Additional 1 years – compressor parts only.)

Cooperative customers




Service Support 


Duration: in accordance with that established below, Zhejiang Snow Village International Trade Co., Ltd referred to in the following as “Snow Village”, offers its customers a warranty validation period when the product has been registered within 28 days of purchase date / or the date of delivery if this is later /or a 12-months warranty without product registration, on the refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, wine coolers, microwave ovens, hobs, and ovens starting from the product purchase and/or delivery date.

Territory: This warranty is valid only for services under the warranty provided by Snow Village’s authorized agent or dealer.

Validity: The receipt and/or purchase invoice and/or transport documents relevant to delivery of the product to the customer are the only documents giving the right to the services under this warranty and must be produced, together with the completed original Snow village warranty card unless registered with Snow village, when requesting the service. Snow village reserves the right not to fulfill the obligations under this warranty if the information or data on the purchase and/or product delivery documents has been altered or erased after purchase by the customer or is missing at the time of requesting the service.


Snow village is not responsible for any service costs due to the following reasons below. The cost of labor and parts for the intervention may be charged to the customer by the  Snow village Authorized Service Centre:

● Failure to comply with periodical checks or maintenance, including cleaning of filters/pump (instructions are found in user manual supplied) and/or service on consumable parts like      rubber seals, charcoal or anti-grease filters etc.

● Faults due to customer misuse and/or improper use and/or not respecting that stated in the user manual accompanying the product at the time of sale, or due to lightning or other weather phenomena, over/under voltage and over current or insufficient or irregular electric power supply, inadequate ventilation, incorrect use or non-compliance with the technical and/or safety requirements in the country where the appliance is used. Snow village will not be responsible to compensate any damage caused by such products.

● Faults due to product installation not complying with that stated in the installation requirements stated in the user manual accompanying the product

● Faults caused by operations or modifications to the product carried out by person un-authorized by Snow village, and compensation for any damage caused by such products.

● From work to be done with ladders, trucks, scaffolding or other lifting systems or equipment.

● Accidental damage or damage resulting from loss, improper user, or non-use of the product, damage caused by loss of information, stored by the customer in any form, or for loss of food due to failure of the refrigeration system.

● New products found damaged on un-packing and is damaged due to transport or other reason, for example scratches or dents and accessories such as shelves, egg boxes, bottle racks, lamps, that are missing or received damaged, must be claimed within 7 days from customer’s purchase date by contacting the  Snow village Authorized Service Centre.

● Any No Fault Found (NFF)

● Failure to follow the  Snow village Authorized Service Centre advise to the customer on how to operate and maintain the product (instructions are also found in user manual supplied) 

For products used in a Commercial environment including offices, or any other non-domestic use, Snow village  provides a 6 months warranty which should also be registered.


Customers having one of these products with a technical problem or fault (except for new products, found damaged on opening the packing - refer to section 4) should contact the relevant  Snow village  Authorized Service Centre depending on the retailer the product was purchased from by calling the telephone number listed on our Service pages.

The  Snow village Authorized Service Centre’s engineer will go to the customer's home to repair the product. Whenever the repair cannot be carried out at the customer's home, the Snow village  Authorized Service Centre will arrange to have the faulty product collected from the customer and returned after repair, using its own vehicles or a carrier having arrangements with Snow village  (refer to the limitations in section 2).

The Snow village  Authorized Service Centre will appraise the solution to be adopted according to the extent of the product defect.

If the product has a serious defect where the cost of repair borne by Snow village approaches the value of a new product, the Authorized Service Centre, will advise Snow village , Snow village  will then decide if they will replace the entire product. If this is agreed, Snow village   will then issue a return authorized number to the customer, the customer then advises the retailer of this number to activate the exchange process.

Products or parts that are identical or have the same characteristics may be used for replacement.

The service for the customer is entirely free if the product is found to be faulty.

If the product is not found to be faulty, the costs of labor for the intervention, collection at the customer's home and possible product transport costs can be charged to the customer by the Snow village Authorized Service Centre.


New products that, when first opening the original Snow Village package, the customer finds that the product has been damaged during transport or has parts missing must not be installed or used. (refer to the limitations in section 2). For the management of these cases, the customer must contact the retailer who, depending on the case, will provide the customer with the most appropriate solution, in agreement with Snow Village.

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