Two Door Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series Commercial Refrigerator kitchen refrigerator Product Name: two door commercial refrigerator Model No: SLLDZ4-538L Applicable place: commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center etc. Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province,...

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Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series

Commercial Refrigerator

kitchen refrigerator

Product Name: two door commercial refrigerator

Model No: SLLDZ4-538L   

Applicable place:  commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center etc.

Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China

Brand Name: Snow Village

Style: single temperature, full frozen, two solid foaming stainless steel door.

Certification: 3C, CE



Product Name

Model No

Volume (L)

Power Supply (W)

Temperature Range ℃

Dimension (LxWxH) mm




two door commercial refrigerator







Standard Features:

1.Upright design, luxurious appearance. steel exterior and aluminum interior construction for long lasting durability..

2.Auto defrost, CFC and HCFC free, environmentally-friendly, coated with polyurethane foam for efficient insulated

3.Single temperature full frozen design can keep goods frozen longer.

4.Temperature inside is stable and accurate with microcomputer thermostat.

5.Perfect sealing could lock the cold air inside and no leakage.

6.Famous performance compressor and evaporator.

7.Exterior stainless steel construction.

8.Digital temperature control system.

9.Power delay function to ensure the safety.

10.movable wheel to ensure the convenient moving.

11.Customized and color optional, OEM acceptable, s

12.First class quality components, two years warranty for all parts.

13.Exceptional 24/7 maintenance & installation instructions support.

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Product advantages

High efficiency compressors and improved coil design

Electronic commutated motors

Variable speed fan

Improved fan blade design

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Product Details:

• Exterior material SS430, interior Pre-coated Aluminum
• Reversible doors and automatically self close when less than 90°open 
• Inner box curved edges for easy cleaning 
• Magnetic sealing strip keeps the cold air inside. Easy to remove without use of tools
• With Lock and key 
• Digital thermostat Italian famous brand
• High quality famous compressor
• Internal LED light



Applicable Place


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Snow Village Product Warranty

Full Three Year Parts & Labor Warranty, plus an Extra Two Year Warranty on Compressors

Full Three Years Parts & Labor Warranty

When you purchase a snow village Commercial product from us, we provide a 36 month comprehensive warranty for parts and labor under normal, proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up, in accordance with the snow village Commercial User Guide.

Our warranty begins the day the item is shipped and the warranty lasts for 36 months. It is limited to parts and replacement and will include standard labor charges and reasonable travel time to your establishment, as determined by snow village Commercial.

Additional 24 Month Compressor Warranty

In addition to the full 36 month parts and labor warranty, we provide an additional 24 month warranty on your snow village Commercial original compressor under normal and proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up.

This part of the warranty covers your Compressor for a total of 60 months from the day of shipping.  At our option, your compressor can be either repaired or replaced with parts of a similar design and capacity. This 24 month extended warranty applies only to the compressor and does not apply to any other parts or components.

How to Claim Your Warranty

All claims for labor and/or parts must be made directly through snow village Commercial before starting any work. The warranty must be performed by an Authorized Service Center. You must provide us with: the model number of the unit, the serial number of the cabinet, proof of purchase, the installation date, and all pertinent information supporting the existence of an alleged defect. In the case of warranty compressor, the compressor model tag must be returned to snow village along with above listed information.


Snow village Commercial's sole obligation under this warranty is limited to either repair or replacement of parts, subject to these additional limitations. Consumable parts are not included in your Snow village Commercial Warranty such as: refrigerant, light bulbs and pans.

The warranty is voided if the unit isn't installed or maintained as per the Snow village Commercial User Guide for the specific model or if the unit is misused in any way. Snow village Commercial is not responsible for consequential damages including any direct or indirect economic loss, including losses or damages arising from food or product spoilage. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser at the original location the Snow village Commercial unit was delivered.   Snow Village is not liable for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications, alteration, neglect, abuse, misuse, accident, damage during transit or installation, fire, flood, or acts of God. We are not responsible for repair or replacement of failed or damaged parts resulting from electrical power failure, extension cord use, low voltage or voltage drops to the system. Product can only be serviced in the country that it was purchased.


Compressor not running:

fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped: replace fuse or reset circuit breaker

Power cord unplugged: plug in the power cord

Thermostat set too high: set thermostat to lower temperature

Cabinet in defrost cycle: wait for defrost cycle to finish

Condensing unit run for long period of time:

Excessive amount of warm product placed in the cabinet: allow adequate time for product to cool down

Prolonged door opening or door ajar: ensure doors are closed when not in use. Avoid opening doors for long period time

Door gasket not sealing properly: ensure gasket are snapped in completely, remove gasket and wash with soap and water. Check condition of gasket and replace it if necessary

Dirty condenser coil: clean the condenser coil

Evaporator coil iced over: Unplug unit and allow coil to defrost, Make assure thermostat is not set too cold, ensure that door gasket are sealing properly.

Cabinet Temperature is too warm.

Thermostat set too warm: self thermostat too lower temperature

Allow blocked: Re-arrange product to allow for proper air flow, make sure there is at least four inches of clearance from evaporator

Excessive amount of warm product placed in cabinet: allow adequate time for product to cool down

Fuse blow or circuit breaker tripped: replace fuse or reset circuit breaker

Dirty condenser coil: clean condenser coil

Evaporator coil ice over: ensure doors are closed when not in use, avoid opening doors for long period of time.


Keeping your commercial refrigeration system continuously operating is a high priority for you and your customers. Commercial refrigerator and freezer must be kept in prime condition in order to ensure food is safe for consumption, prevent food spoilage and maintain consumer satisfaction. A well maintained cooler also helps reduce energy costs and lessen environmental impact.

Snow Village’s technical assistance branch provides technical assistance, technician training & troubleshooting for our customers and a comprehensive warranty program through our service contractor network throughout our distribution market. Please contact our local after sales team.

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Common malfunction issues & commercial refrigerator problems

1.Beverages freezing due to  cold temperature below 32 degrees

2.Refrigerator/freezer “not cold enough”

3.Refrigeration “not cooling at all”Blowing warm air while compressor is running is due to defective compressor or sealed system refrigerant leak

4.Compressor shutting off due to excessive condenser dirt obstructing air flow

5.Fan motor defective causing the compressor to overheat

6.Evaporator fan motor failure

7.Ice build up in evaporator due to low refrigeration levels preventing thermostat from cycling off

8.Frozen evaporator coils due to dirt


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