Refrigerated Dessert Display Case

Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series Commercial Refrigerator Pasty refrigerated display case Product Name: refrigerated dessert display case Model No:XDG-1.8 Applicable place: Restaurant, cake house,, supermarket, commercial center, bar, café bar, convenience store. Original Place: Quzhou...

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Commercial Refrigerator and freezer series

Commercial Refrigerator

Pasty refrigerated display case

Product Name: refrigerated dessert display case

Model No:XDG-1.8

Applicable place: Restaurant, cake house,, supermarket, commercial center, bar, café bar, convenience store.

Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China

Brand Name: Snow Village

Style: single temperature, top open type, ventilated, refrigerated fresh storage, aluminum frame, circulation wind, horizontal type wind curtain western pastry display cabinet

Certification: 3C, CE

Standard Features:

1.Temperature inside is stable and accurate with microcomputer thermostat.

2.Perfect sealing design locks the cold air inside and no leakage.

3.Interior LED light to ensure the interior brighter.

4.Mounted famous performance compressor and evaporator, stable and low noise.

5.Power delay function to ensure the safety.

6.Customized and color optional, OEM acceptable,

7.First class quality components, two years warranty for all parts.



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Model No

Volume (L)

Power Supply (W)

Temperature Range ℃

Dimension (LxWxH) mm




refrigerated dessert display case







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Certification of Company and Products:

Snow Village had passed through"ISO9001 international quality system certification and "ISO14001 environmental management system certification", Snow Village’s products have passed through Chinese government compulsory 3C certification and CE certification etc.


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Applicable place:

Commercial restaurant and kitchen, supermarket, commercial center,




Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy is designed to protect our customers against any manufacturing defects in components and issues that result from the manufacturing process.

Units will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer, provided units are operated and installed under the specific usage conditions designed for each model as outlined by Snow Village User Manuals.

Our warranty includes parts, standard ground freight and labor performed at time of service. It also includes supplemental materials such as refrigerant gas, filter drier, welding, etc.

● Whole Cooler: 2 year warranty

● Compressor: 3 year warranty (First 2 years – labor & parts. Additional 1 years – compressor parts only.)

Installation and Relocation

We make sure that the equipment will not be damaged during transport and that it is properly installed for optimal performance.

Our comprehensive service includes:

● Transportation of equipment to the point-of-sale

● Preparation for installation

● Review of electrical installations and the proper operation of the equipment

● Shelving and accessories installation

● Product marketing

● Explanation of the use and care of equipment

● Removal from the point-of-sale

Equipment Upgrade

We have developed several alternatives for upgrading traditional commercial refrigeration equipment to make them more efficient. We use the latest technology to improve the visual appeal, operation and energy performance of your refrigeration system.

Upgrade options include:

● Painting on shelves, door and crested framework

● Change to plastic louver to facilitate ventilation with  increased durability

● Implementing Energy Management & Maintenance Devices (EMMD)

● Switching to LED lighting to lower energy consumption

● Installing electronic motors

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial refrigeration system extends its life cycle, reduces energy consumption and increases the unit’s appeal at the point-of-sale. A consistent maintenance program includes repair, retrofitting, technological upgrades and visual improvements to commercial refrigeration systems.

Our maintenance services include:

● Fumigation

● Cleaning

● General Check-up

● Operational Repairs

● Body and Painting

● Image Replacement

● Technological Upgrades

● Quality Control

Contact us to set up a scheduled maintenance program for your commercial refrigeration equipment.

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Community Q&A

● Is it necessary to clean the inside of a new refrigerator?

Yes, a new refrigerator needs to be cleaned before use. There is still machine oil, factory dust and other leftover grime from creating the machine that needs to be removed first. Then it will be safer and cleaner for your food.

● How can I clean grease off of my refrigerator?

Baking soda is not bad at cleaning up grease on hard surfaces. Add warm water to the baking soda to make a paste. Let it sit on the grease for awhile before scrubbing off gently.

● Why would ice cubes not freeze in the freezer?

Your freezer might not be set to a low enough temperature. Try finding the settings (usually in the refrigerator section and not the freezer) and set it lower.

● Do I need to remove the vegetable basket?

Yes. In fact, you may prefer cleaning out the vegetable basket before you get your next round of groceries for the week.

● Some liquid has spilled between the shelf glass and the frame. How do I get it clean?

Usually the glass shelves in a refrigerator are removable, so you need to lift out the glass and clean it separately (put a towel in the bottom of the sink to avoid breakage), and then clean the frame after letting it soak with spray cleaner for a few minutes.

● How do I clean the outside of my fridge?

Use the same cleaner as inside. Bleach cleaner can also be used on the outside if that's an option for you. If it's stainless steel, just buy a special stainless steel cleaner.

● How do I clean the outside of my white fridge door that is moldy due to hot weather?

You can use the same cleaner as inside the refrigerator. You may also want to try a bleach-based cleaner to kill the mold.

● Why do my dishes and jelly jars stick to the glass shelves in my refrigerator?

It could be that there is some residual soap stuck to the glass that isn't being washed off properly. Make sure the glass jar bottoms are clean and dry prior to putting them in the fridge.


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