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Product Details

Product Advantage

1.       The original imported compressor, smart control, accurately keep the fresh, large insulating perspective glass, aluminum alloy edging in the toughened glass door refrigerated or frozen optional. Laminate shelf is 350/400

2.       Famous Brand integrated refrigeration unit

3.       Beautiful appearance and highly transparent presentation bring  perfect food display, High-performance evaporator design, efficient fan, Combined at random to create a flexible store design, Front push and pull glass door

4.       Smart digital control bring accurate preservation, all-round refrigerated bring delivery temperature uniformity, cooling fast, multi-layer shelf free combination, the maximum adjustment angle of 16 °, to meet the different display effect

5.       Adopt energy-efficient LED light source, pre-coating inner bottom plate, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, fin forced air-cooled refrigeration, more fully and average refrigeration

6.       The fin forced air-cooled, refrigeration is more fully and completely. adopt a new electronic thermostat to accurately control the temperature, Refrigeration design margin is greater than 30% for more different working environment. Laminate shelf is 350/400

7.       Transparent and beautiful curved glass, stylish and generous appearance, strong display effect, professional LED light source, Germany EBM fan, waterproof switch, touch pad

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

quzhou, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Type:Display Cooler, Display Cooler

Style:Single-temperature, Single-temperature






Voltage (V):220V/50HZ

Cooling system:Dynamic Cooling