Effective method of refrigerating meat for freezer in short term

- Jan 07, 2018-

Now everyone's living standard has been raised. A family usually buys a lot of meat and put it in its own freezer. The cooling of meat is to cool meat to above freezing point, usually 0-4 degrees. At this temperature, the decomposition of enzymes, the growth and propagation of microorganisms, the dry consumption and the oxidation of food were not inhibited, so chilled meat could only be stored for about two weeks. If a longer storage is needed, it must be frozen to reduce the temperature to less than -18 C, so as to effectively inhibit the action of enzyme, non enzyme and microorganism.

During the cooling and storage of meat, meat is mature at low temperature, which makes the color, flavor and softness of meat well, and increases the value of the meat. In addition, compared with frozen meat, the chilled meat is more popular with consumers than that of frozen meat due to the fact that no water has been changed into ice crystals during the freezing process and ice crystals have been melted into permanent process during thawing process, and is closer to fresh meat in quality and so on.

In recent years, changed the structure of meat consumption in China, the consumption of chilled meat is increasing, while the consumption of frozen meat is being reduced. Therefore, the cooling process of meat is widely paid attention to at present.