How big is a commercial refrigerator?

- Jan 07, 2018-

Actually for a lot of friends, the choice of the commercial freezers, the mainest is practical, such as the size of air-conditioner, and the size of the capacity of conform to the actual needs of families, so today we'll look at how much more appropriate for commercial freezer choose?

The size and capacity of the air-conditioner is generally proportional to the size, the bigger the capacity size is, the greater the size, the greater the capacity of the greater, but when we in the choice of air-conditioner, the first thing to consider is the size, because if the reserved space for air-conditioner is in trouble, the most important thing to notice here is to open the door of this size bigger of the two type of air-conditioner.

Second consider size, had better be in combination with the actual demand to choose, capacity is too small, result in a refrigerated storage of food in full, or is empty inside the freezer capacity is too big, is not desirable, is the most important right, here we introduce classification is combined with the different situation, help you select the most appropriate commercial freezer.

The choice of refrigerator capacity

Single people

For single friends, the demand for food storage is not very big, most of the friends are using the summer, used to store some fruit or beer and drinks, so the choice of around 60 litres capacity single-door freezers most appropriate, and smaller size, can be on the table, the price is cheaper, power consumption is low, this kind of freezer is also very suitable for students in the dormitory.

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2 the world

For two people if the demand is not very big, seldom cook at ordinary times, can also choose to around 90 litres of single freezers, often cook a meal, if you have any requirements on the frozen, is advised to choose a two-door type air-conditioner, capacity of about 120 litres, the price of this type of air-conditioner is very cheap, power consumption is not big, belongs to the economical type of air-conditioner.

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A family of three

In general demand for a family of three is not very big, also can choose some of the large capacity two-door freezers, but is still advised to choose a capacity of around 200 litres of sanmen freezers, the air-conditioner is the more popular a kind of type, the design is novel, also used a lot more advanced refrigeration technology, the appearance is more beautiful.

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Iii cohabit

The average family members are in about five, demand is bigger, the housing area is not small, so you can consider to choose many freezers, many freezers capacity is generally around 300 litres, and the design is novel, air-cooled refrigeration, computer control, cooling and heat preservation are very good.