How can seafood be frozen in a freezer

- Jan 07, 2018-

Seafood is a favorite aquatic product in the south, so how can the aquatic products refrigerate and freeze in the freezer? Let's get to know the price of the freezer below. All the friends in the coastal area like seafood, how wonderful it is to live at the seaside and enjoy seafood, but if we don't live near the sea and how to eat fresh seafood, we need to rely on freezer to achieve our wishes. Fish are divided into freshwater fish and sea fish. In general, the fresh water fish in the market is alive and the sea fish are frozen. Just before the fish, into the freezer for supermarkets, to do some processing, gutted, washed, cut into flake, fish, fresh bags, which can avoid the fish smell diffusion. Frozen fish can be stored directly in freezer and freezer, preferably frozen, but we should pay attention to frozen fish after being thawed, so it is not suitable for freezer in supermarket.

Let's see the way to freeze these aquatic products in the freezer. 1., the whole fish freezing method: before freezing, after cleaning, remove the viscera and gills, and put a little salt in the abdomen. After processing, put it on the aluminum plate, cover the fresh-keeping film, put it in the freezer, and also use aluminum foil to wrap it up, so as to extend the storage period. Thawing method: when you want to eat, take out a proper amount of weight, slow thawing in the cold storage room or thawing with water. 2. chilled fish, such as salmon and squid, are usually sold in pieces. When frozen, put on the aluminum plate, sprinkle a little salt, and then put it in the freezer, then put it in a full bag and suck out the air. Thawing method: put it in the freezer, thawing it naturally, such as thawing at room temperature, and wrap it with cloth or paper towel, so as not to let out the water to soak the fish meat. Until half thawing state, it can be fry or cooked in a microwave oven or oven. 3. small tail fish freezing method: one tail is frozen on the aluminum plate, and then stored in a full bag.  Thawing: thawing in hot water or freeze-thaw in a freezer compartment with a full bag soaked in hot water. 4. frozen fish freezing method: first use salt wipe baked in an oven, after cooling with aluminum foil wrapped in full sealed bag frozen. Thawing: do not remove aluminum foil, put it directly into the oven and cook it, and eat it. 5. shrimp method: first remove the intestinal mud, head and tail should be slightly cut off, a tail of a tail on the aluminum plate, such as frozen into the full sealed bag preservation. Thawing method: freezer refrigerator defrost, stir fry before, the shrimp dipped with cornstarch, put a little more oil, a tail of a tail down, add rice wine, salt, pepper, fry can be rapid fire.