How to improve the refrigerating temperature of the refrigerator

- Jan 07, 2018-

As the refrigerator is widely used in our daily life, some users have found that after the use of the equipment for a period of time, it sometimes appears that the cooling temperature is slow, which can not reach the preservation effect. In order to solve this problem effectively, this paper introduces the method of improving cooling temperature of refrigerating cabinet. How to distinguish the quality of the starting relay of the refrigerator in the supermarket?

According to the thermal properties of refrigerant refrigerants, the lower the pressure, the lower the corresponding temperature; The higher the pressure, the higher the corresponding temperature. According to this law, if the outlet pressure of the expansion valve is too low, the corresponding evaporation pressure and temperature are too low. However, due to the decrease of the flow of evaporator in the freezer, the decrease of pressure caused the evaporation rate to slow down, the unit volume (time) cooling volume decreased, and the cooling efficiency decreased. What new method does the supermarket freezer defrost have?

The cooling temperature of refrigerating cabinet is slow, and the adjustment of expansion valve is the most important. The expansion valve has a small opening, the refrigerant passes less and the pressure is low; The expansion valve has a large opening, the refrigerant passes more and the pressure is high.

On the contrary, if the outlet pressure of the refrigerator expansion valve is too high, the corresponding evaporation food display cabinet pressure and temperature are too high. Into the evaporator flow rate and pressure are increasing, due to the excess liquid evaporation, moisture gas (liquid) in the compressor, cause the wet stroke (liquid impact) of compressor, refrigerator compressor cannot work normally, causing a series of bad condition, even damage the compressor. The opening degree of expansion valve shall be adjusted according to the temperature of the cake preservation cabinet at that time.

To sum up, we can see that the regulation of expansion valve affects the refrigeration temperature of the refrigerator. We recommend that you use in the equipment, according to their own need to pay attention to grasp the scale of the expansion valve adjustment, to guarantee the effect of preservation of freezer, can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.