The function of the quotient super refrigerator

- Jan 07, 2018-

Freezer, be freezer, freezer of another kind of appellation. High quality cold cabinet all evaporator tubes are made of high quality copper coil and treated with wide face. The surface of stainless steel plate is bright and clean, the whole plate is very thin and uniform, the proper thickness is used to ensure long service life, and make the cold ark look smooth and solid. Brass than aluminum tube or pipe of cooling effect is good, better corrosion resistance, high quality copper coil tube spotlessness, coupling the advantages of less, can effectively prevent the leakage or blocked in the refrigerating system failure. The circular tube is treated as a rectangle, so that the contact between the evaporator tube and the cold inside contact is transformed from the point contact to the surface contact, and the transfer area is expanded to speed up the cooling speed.