The maintenance method of the cupcake cabinet

- Jan 07, 2018-

The cake cabinet have to use is quite common, we all know that freezer can prolong the shelf life of food, but is also of a certain period, cake cabinet, too, and the daily use of cake ark also need to pay attention to maintenance, that will extend the service life of ark of cake.

The cupcake is used for a long time. It can make a bad smell and even breed bacteria, so it should be cleaned regularly, at least twice a year. To avoid cake cabinet is damaged, should be cut off power supply when clean cake cabinet, with a soft cloth dipped in water or tableware detergent scrub gently, and then dipped in water will detergent wipe, but can't use washing powder, household cleanser, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, water, oil, brush, such as washing cake cabinet, because these catharsis things will damage the box outside Shanghai juji layer and the plastic parts in the cabinet. When the inside of the box is dirty and dirty, it should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent, and the surface of electric appliances should be wiped. Besides, when the cake cabinet is not used for a long time, it should remove the power plug, wipe it clean in the box, and when the cabinet is fully dry, the cabinet door will be closed.

Every increase of 5 ℃ temperature around the cake ark, its internal will increase 25% of power consumption. Therefore, it is good to place as far as possible away from the heat source in the area of ventilation. Don't put hot food directly into the cupcake cabinet until it reaches room temperature. The food in the freezing room is best packaged in a bag of plastic bags. It can be frozen quickly. It is not easy to dry, and the moisture can be turned into frost. Food should not be installed too full, between the wall of cake ark should have space, in order to facilitate flow cool air; Frozen food, preferably before eating, will be transferred to the freezer to thaw.