The method of removing water mist from the cupcake display cabinet

- Jan 07, 2018-

For the non-fogging function of cake display cabinet, there is water mist outside the glass is normal phenomenon. This is mainly because the indoor temperature is too high and caused by the indoor humidity is big, the indoor temperature and the surface of the cake display cabinet temperature difference is too big, the air of the high indoor temperature in low temperature cake display cabinet door condenses into water mist. All over the country what is different about the climate is different also, especially in spring and summer will be more obvious (rainy weather humidity is very big, under the condition of low pressure, there will be some glass condensate, affect the line of sight).

Cake display ark removes glass surface water mist method

1. If the food placed is not high to the temperature, it can adjust the temperature in the cabinet properly

2. Clean the surface of the glass with dry cloth and dry towel, and minimize the number of opening times while using.

3. Use soapy water, detergent, glycerin, alcohol or salt water to dry, and then wipe with a clean and soft cloth, which can reduce fog greatly.

4. The indoor air conditioning can be turned on to reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the temperature difference inside the cupcake cabinet.

5. There are three main types of defogging technology for cake preservation:

Heating wire is the thin line that looks like hair.

Heating film refers to a layer of heating film between two layers of glass;

Hot air defog technology can be used to generate heat energy from the condenser and surround the glass.