Why is the fruit that comes out of the refrigerator is much sweeter?

- Jan 07, 2018-

This is mainly because the sugar in the fruit is mainly fructose, and its cold sweet is related to the temperature. The lower the temperature below 40 or the lower, the higher the sweetness. Fructose is generally suitable for cool drinks such as refreshing drinks and fruit drinks, so we feel sweet when we drink these cold drinks, that is, fruit is particularly sweet in refrigerated display cabinets.

But not all fruits are suitable for refrigerating display cabinets. The characteristics of different fruits are different. Fruits such as bananas and papaya can not be put into refrigerated display cabinets for a long time.

Before the fruit is placed in the refrigerator, it is best not to clean and clean, and the fruit after the cleaning will be more easily rotten and easy to deteriorate.