How Do Commercial Refrigerators Choose?

- Jan 07, 2018-

With the use of the cold cabinet, the style and function of the refrigerator are more and more, facing various cold cabinets, we should choose the conditions when choosing:

Commercial cold cabinet effective volume

The symbol of the high quality cold cabinet technical parameters is required by international standards, and the national quality and technical supervision organization has repeatedly checked and qualified all over the years. The volume of commercial cold ark should choose according to oneself circumstance, choose small, the goods can not open, choose big, waste space.

Refrigeration of commercial refrigerator

Commercial freezer working temperature is the key to food storage or fresh, freezer temperature, generally between 0 ℃, 10 ℃, suitable for drinks, drinks, vegetables, fruits, etc., can ensure that the SAP is not lower than the content in the food freezing point and keep its fresh state. Freezer temperature 18 ℃ or less and is suitable for the ice cream, seafood, meat, etc., the temperature can be frozen frozen food, not bad for a long time. Good commercial cold cabinet not only according to the standard to ensure the temperature of the fresh cabinet meets the requirements, but also through the use of the evaporating tube and matching the cooling capacity of the unit, the refrigeration speed is faster.

Commercial refrigerator high power compressor

The commercial compressor has good performance, and the refrigerating capacity is complete from small to large, and can be configured differently according to different requirements. Only commercial compressor can adapt to the use of the cold cabinet for the use of harsh environment, frequent start-up times and long running time features to ensure the quality of products. Although the price of commercial compressor is higher than that of household compressor, the failure rate is less than two thousand. Xinmont commercial refrigerator, brand compressor, excellent performance, satisfy your store environment needs.

The insulation effect of commercial refrigerator

In the process of commercial cold storage, the insulation performance of the insulation layer is not only the important quality index of the commercial cold cabinet, but also an important factor for the economical use of commercial cold cabinet. In order to achieve good adiabatic performance, it is necessary to select the suitable raw material, control the tolerance and the diameter of the bubble hole in the optimal range. Therefore only use can adjust the material temperature, cooperate with the special fixture, master the mature foaming technology, can produce the heat preservation effect good commercial cold cabinet