How To Protect The Cold Effect Of The Freezer

- Jan 07, 2018-

The refrigeration system of freezer is not complicated, mainly consists of compressor, condenser, capillary and evaporator, and compressor is the heart of machine refrigeration system. Its choice of right or not will directly affect the cooling operation effect of the whole machine. Ice cabinet is a kind of commercial high performance refrigeration machine, which has higher requirements on the temperature of the cabinet. And the cabinets are surrounded by glass seals. Although these glass are also special insulating glass, but compared with the traditional foaming insulation material, the heat resistance is slightly inadequate. Because of the need to open the cupboard door often to take food, and other various factors influence, the cold quantity always will have certain loss.

Usually, the finished cake must be stored in a freezer or cold storage cabinet. At room temperature, the cake can be preserved for two to three days, but the preserved cake can extend the storage period to five to seven days, and it will be even more delicious. The temperature in the cabinet is kept between +2~+8 degrees, and the humidity in the cabinet is kept in order to keep the cake fresh and soft, ensuring that the humidity is between 80 and 90 %.

The compressor is the subheart of the supermarket cake cabinet. The compressor is the compressor of high and low evaporation temperature. The evaporation temperature ranges from +15 to -30 degrees, and the application scope is very wide. In addition, under the application of low evaporation temperature, it can operate under the power of 220V and 60hz. The compressor is designed for the temperature of 43 degrees, and it is more than enough to work in the comfortable indoor temperature of the bakery.