How To Store The Cake In The Absence Of A Cupboard In The Summer?

- Jan 07, 2018-

General food like cakes are all fresh taste better, but we buy the cake didn't finish for a long time storage deterioration in cake taste, especially in the absence of cake cabinet, no cake cabinet below small make up in detail for you summer how to store the cake?

One. Wet the kitchen towel and wring it slightly, so as not to drip into the water. Because paper towels can't be directly spread over the top of the cake, you can use hanging paper or other hard paper shells to surround the cake, which is slightly taller than the cake. Cover with a wet paper towel and wrap it in plastic wrap.

2. Cut open the apple and put it in the cake box to keep it with the cake until the next day. A cake with apples, not only water, but also the smell of apple can make the cake fragrant!

If the cake is packed in cartons, open the lid and put the wet tissue on the edge of the box, cover it and wrap it in plastic wrap. Then put it in the refrigerator and chill it. But such a method is only suitable for cake with no whipped cream and fruit

While the method of preserving the cake seems simple, it is difficult to operate. Not all cakes are suitable for these methods, but you can put them in a refrigerator or a cake cabinet.