Teach You The Four Major Options For A Commercial Refrigerator

- Jan 07, 2018-

1, super high cost performance after sale

Europe snow refrigerator has always been adhering to the "quality to win the market, the integrity of the brand" sales concept. There are many direct sales and after-sale services all over the country's large and medium cities, after sale service to realize the national network of online insurance, save many links and give profit to the consumers. You can save your heart and rest assured.

2. Effective cubage of commercial refrigerators

The marks of the technical parameters of the high quality refrigerators are all according to the international standards, and the national quality and technical supervision institutions have been fully qualified for many times. The volume of commercial refrigerators should be selected according to their own conditions, selected small, the goods can not be opened, the choice of large, waste space. The European snow refrigerator is the most versatile and most complete commercial refrigerator manufacturer in the same industry at present; it meets the different requirements for the cubage of the refrigerator.

3. Refrigerating for commercial refrigerators

The working temperature of the commercial freezer is the key to food storage or preservation. The temperature of the freezer is usually between 0 and 10 degrees, which is suitable for beverages, drinks, vegetables and fruits. It ensures that the juice contained in the food is not lower than freezing point and keeps fresh. The freezer temperature is -18 DEG C, suitable for ice cream, seafood, meat and so on, the temperature of frozen frozen food, for a long time is not bad. Good commercial freezer is not only according to the standard, but also ensures the temperature of the cabinet to meet the requirements. It also makes the refrigeration speed faster by using the special evaporating tube and matching the suitable refrigerating volume. The European snow freezer, using the cryogenic freezing technology, is quick in refrigeration, stable in performance, and is locked in the nutrition delicacy.

4. High power compressor for commercial refrigerators

Commercial compressor in addition to good starting performance, and refrigerating volume from small to large specifications, can be different requirements according to different requirements of the configuration. Only commercial compressor can adapt to the bad environment of commercial refrigerator, frequent start times, long run time, and guarantee the quality of the product. Although the price of commercial compressor is higher than that of household type compressor, the failure rate is less than 2/1000. European snow commercial refrigerators, brand compressors, excellent performance, to meet your shop environment needs.

5. The thermal insulation effect of commercial refrigerator

The insulation performance of insulation layer in the production of commercial freezers is not only an important quality index of commercial freezers, but also an important factor for the economical use of commercial freezers. In order to achieve good insulation performance, appropriate materials must be selected to control the bulk density and the diameter of the bubble hole in the optimum range. So the commercial refrigerators with good thermal insulation can be produced only by controlling the temperature of the material, matching the special fixture and mastering the mature foaming process. The European snow freezer adopts the advanced box foaming technology. During the production process, the staff carefully checks the procedures set by the various models, ensuring that the corresponding fixture is set well.