What Is The Difference Between A Refrigerator And A Refrigerated Display Cabinet?

- Jan 07, 2018-

Refrigerator is points are many, many people said don't know what is the difference between freezers and refrigerated display cabinet, freezer just as its name implies is actually the cabinet with functions of refrigerated, frozen, fresh, and reveal ark is has the display function of freezers, door body are transparent glass.

Refrigeration principle of refrigerator display cabinet:

Refrigeration principle: first of all we know about the compressor compressed produced by high temperature and high pressure gas, by the outside machine through the fan heat discharge, into a liquid at room temperature, after high temperature and high pressure gas by cooling liquid after expansion of the expansion valve and pressure relief into the machine inside the evaporator heat (at this point, the air conditioning), circulation within the machine of the fan will air transportation to the specified location, after the evaporation of low pressure low temperature gas back on compressor compression, so cycle.

Classification of refrigeration display cabinets:

1, according to the product function points: a single temperature freezers, such as refrigerators and frozen cabinet, for example - 2 ℃ to + 8 ℃ freezer storage of fruits, vegetables, drinks, and - 16 ℃ to 22 ℃ - frozen meat, ice cream storage cabinets, etc. There is also double warm freezer, the cold ark that has refrigeration and freezer function.

2. According to the range of use: there are hotel kitchen cabinets, vegetable cabinets, meat counters, fruit cabinets, beverage cabinets, red wine cabinets, cupcake cabinets, supermarket windscreen cabinets, island cabinets, cooked food cabinets, fresh cabinets and so on.

The above is small make up for everybody introduce the distinction between freezer and refrigerated display ark, hope is helpful to everybody. Our average household USES cold ark, refrigerated display ark is commonly used in the supermarket, can display goods better, convenient customer choose and buy.