What Should You Pay Attention To For The First Use Of The Cooked Food Cabinet?

- Jan 07, 2018-

We need to pay attention to some of the use requirements when we first use the deli counter, and avoid the unexpected situation in the process of use.

Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Deli ark to use the power supply should be 220 v, 50 hz single-phase ac power supply, normal work, voltage fluctuations permitted between 187 ~ 242 v, if volatile or high and low, will affect the compressor normal work, and even burn down compressor. Too high voltage to burn the motor coil due to too much current; Too low voltage will cause the compressor to start difficult, causing frequent start, and can also burn the motor. Therefore, when the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, the conditional user can add an automatic voltage stabilizer, and suggest using the voltage regulator of 750W.

The cooked food cabinet USES special three - hole socket, separate wiring. Users without grounding devices should be installed with ground wire. When grounding the grounding wire, the grounding end shall be buried deep within 2 meters of the ground, and the grounding resistance shall not exceed 0.1 ohm. Do not use tap water and gas pipe to make ground wire, not to receive telephone and lightning rods.

Checked everything, let stand for half an hour at the deli counter, connect the power supply, carefully listen to the voice of the compressor during startup and running whether normally, if there is a line of mutual impact sound, if the noise is bigger, should check whether deli counter put smoothly, whether each line contact, and make corresponding adjustments. If there is a large abnormal sound, the power supply should be cut off immediately to check and troubleshoot the local maintenance point. Deli counter in front of the store food, first no-load running for a period of time after the temperature in the cabinet to reduce, add food, storage of food cannot too much, try to avoid electric deli ark run at full capacity for a long time.

Tips: in the process of using the deli counter, if we have problems, we should look for professional people to repair them. Do not repair yourself at will, so as not to cause greater loss.