Why Should The Fruit Shop Install The Air Curtain Cabinet?

- Jan 07, 2018-

Advantage one: sell high grade fruit, increase the profit rate of fruit

The seasonal seasonal fruits are all running and pulling, and the profit space is limited. In order to further improve the profit space, we must improve the grade in the product and service. So, imported fruits, fruits, and tasty fruits are suitable for display in the wind curtain cabinet. These fruits are of high price, low elasticity of demand, and correspondingly high profit margins, and at the same time, they can enhance the grade, neatness and refreshing sense of shops.

Advantages two: prolonging the shelf life of fruit, keeping fresh period, reducing the loss

Fruit is a living organism before and after picking, with a metabolic activity dominated by respiration. After fruit picking, aerobic respiration will consume the fruit body. The higher the temperature of the environment, the stronger the respiration of the fruit, the faster the consumption, the earlier the maturity and the shorter the storage time.

The appropriate refrigeration temperature is very important for fruit storage, one can greatly restrain the respiration of fruit, slowed the rate of fruit The new supersedes the old. fruit during storage, and prolong the preservation period (shelf sales); two can retain the original color of the fruit of beautiful, delicious taste, strong fruit quality.

The fruit air curtain cabinet has the functions of refrigerating, freezing and fresh-keeping. It displays the delicious products directly in front of the customers, plus the rendering of lights and mirrors, which greatly increases the customers' desire to buy.